Ryan Roxie's 7 Pieces of Go-To Guitar Gear for Your Next Gig


Perhaps my 'go-to' gear might change depending the type of gig I'm playing. I'd obviously want a bigger amp rig and more pedal EFX for a theater or arena show with Alice Cooper for instance...but let's stick with the gear that I feel is essential for rockin' the clubs...something that we do more often than not if truth be told ;) 

#1 - Roxie's favorite Pedal

Yep, it's that simple, a friggin' Tuner!!! Remember, it doesn't matter how good a guitarist you are, if yer playing out of tune it's gonna sound like shit!....Sooo, I always do my best to make sure I'm in-tune between songs with my TC Electronics 'mini'....hit it, mute it, tune it...then go back to playing wrong notes....but at least they'll be in tune!!! ;)

#2 - Such a BIG sound on a SMALL pedalboard! 

The Amp 1 by Blu Guitar is truly the ONLY 'mini-amp' that I have found that can compete with sound wise to a trusty workhorse like my Marshall JCM 800. I know there are many out there that swear by 'modeling' amps, but this little sucker is the real deal (with an actual tube-driven sound!)...AND it's easier to transport in my luggage than a Marshall Stack, much easier!

#3 - DELAY DElay Delay.....

With such a small pedal board, I need to choose what is MOST essential...and if there is ONE effect that I rely on for mood and space, it's my TC Electronics 'mini' Flashback Delay. It gives me the right ambience when soloing to simulate a 'big rock show' in a small club

#4 - Look Mom, I'm wireless!

Even though there are many, MANY affordable wireless units available today, I still stick to this ol-skool Line 6 Relay G-30. Hey, if it ain't broke, don't fix it ;)    Obviously when I start playing the bigger venues I switch to my Shure Wireless Guitar Units that treat me oh so right!

#5 & #6- "Quiet on the set!"

I use both the CIOKS power supply and KLOTZ Cables to have the quietest rig on the block. The Cioks power supply has 110 - 220 switchable so that makes it convenient for both United States AND European rock shows, and all my KLOTZ have all the 'right'-angles and reputation for holding up in all conditions.

#7 - My Rig

The Over All 'Look' and cleanliness of my SOS designed pedalboard - Renowned Swedish rig-builder wizard Goran Elmquist, owner of Sound of Silence has helped me with several Pedal boards over the years including my 'big rig' I use with Alice Cooper (more on the AC touring 'big rig' in a future blog). He makes the cleanest, quietest, and most 'foot-friendly'  boards out there.....if you don't believe me, just ask Fredrik Akesson of Opeth or Pontus Norgren of Hammerfall just to drop a few names ;)

So...there ya go, my 'go-to gear' I use at EVERY hot, sweaty, and smelly club gig I'm playing these days...come and join me sometime....there's always room for one more rock n' roller of the '77-nation!