Ryan Roxie Picks the 10 Best Alice Cooper Songs

With all the tour news this week, I thought I’d share this list that I included in an interview with Fraser Lewry of Classic Rock Magazine from a few months back. Check my tour page for more details on my solo tour and upcoming tour with Alice Cooper.

Schools Out

When the bell rings and every hand in the audience goes up, that is rock'n'roll bliss! I have had the honour for many years to start out this Classic Teenage Youth Anthem (far beyond our teenage years)... and somehow Glen Buxton channels through me every time I play that riff.

Between High School And Old School

How could I not include a song that I was able to write with the boss at the top of the list? Always identified with the title of this one, 'cause after all, aren't we all just a little bit stuck in between? From The Eyes of Alice Cooper.


From the album From The Inside, a less-than-three-minute rollercoaster ride of guitar riffs and layered harmonies. A challenge and a joy to play live.

Only Women Bleed

I get to play my double-neck guitar on this one... enough said!

Clones (We're All)

From the Flush the Fashion album, this song shows off Alice's 'new-wave' avant-garde side... a side that's worth showing.

No More Mr. Nice Guy

Another one of those you know instantly from hearing the opening riff. Thank you classic rock radio for continuing to play this song. That keeps us touring and keeps the original band's royalty checks rolling in!

Halo Of Flies

AC's tribute to all the old James Bond films. Musically, it showcases the entire band... dare I even say the words 'prog rock'?

Woman of Mass Distraction

Another track I was able to co-write with Coop on the Dirty Diamonds album. Nita Strauss gets to 'hurricane' all over the stage and I get to go wild on my wah-wah pedal... everyone's happy.


What would this list, or any other classic rock list be without this song on it? Can't we all agree that, just like Facebook, it's a necessary evil?

Long Way To Go

Another classic off the Love it to Death album. One of those riff rock songs that makes for near train wrecks certain nights and musical nirvana moments on others, when we nail it.... once again proving that 'We still got a long way to go'!