It's all Greek to Me!....


IN 2019 #2

Was a pleasure to play my first 'solo' show of the year in Thessaloniki Greece with our friends from Crystal Tears. I met up with Chris (the drummer) from CT about a year ago to play some guitar on their album...we hit it off so well that he said if I ever needed a band in Greece, they were the band. Well, guess what? I needed a band and we rocked The Eight Ball Club in their hometown and ended up having a very jam-packed few days of rehearsals, radio promo, rock shows, and shots of Ouzo....for those of you that don't know what Ouzo is, let me spare you the hang-over ;)

The band line up for this show included Chris Tantanozis on Drums, Kostas Sotos on Guitar, Alex Chamalidis on Bass, and your humble host doing his best to keep pace with a legion of dedicated crazy-ass rock n' roll fanatics! The Tears' singer Søren Adamsen came up as well and helped us sing a few of the Alice Cooper Classics (Bed of Nails was one of them!) Even their 'merch guy' aka 'The Butcher' helped out on and offstage ...You can see by some of the photos the people know how to enjoy themselves....or should I say drink....they even released their own limited-edition Beer for this can't say the Greeks don't know how to promote a party!

Most of all, thank you so much good people of Thessaloniki for helping make THIS Big Rock Show so special! It amazes me that I can come to a country where I don't speak the language yet the people are SO warm and supportive of what I'm doing....PLUS the musicians I play with all bond through the language of Rock n' Roll...hopefully many more trips to come in my adopted country of GREECE!!!