Greece Part 2: Greece is the Word


One thing I have realized about Greece…whether the country is in a financial crisis or not, these people enjoy their rock n’ roll and give it their all when I’m lucky enough to be invited into town.

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THE pre-show


The night before the Big Rock Show I was asked to do a bit of DJing at a very cool rock dive called Nathan’s, where I was able to play some of my favorite songs that always get me hyped before going on stage. If you’d like to check it out on Spotify, here’s my ‘official’ playlist that I use to get ready 2 rock.

After just the right amount of songs and but a few TOO many cinnamon(?) shots (What the hell was in that drink anyway?), it was time to call it a night knowing there would be plenty more where that came from…

Roxie jammin’ with the ‘Snakebit’…errr, Snakebite!!! ;)

Roxie jammin’ with the ‘Snakebit’…errr, Snakebite!!! ;)


Whether it was like Thessaloniki a few weeks ago (see that blog here), or just recently in Athens, folks came out to P A R T Y ! ….This time I was invited out by the Athens-based band Snakebite. They put together an Alice Cooper tribute show that dug deep into the catalog….They did stellar versions of some recent unheard classics like 'Spark in the Dark' and 'Give the Radio Back'…as well as full production numbers like 'Steven' & 'Elected'. 

I was invited up to play a few of the classics, plus was able to give the crowd some intimate guitar/vocal only versions of The Eyes of Alice Cooper and Dirty Diamonds-era songs including ‘Man of the Year’ and ‘Perfect’. Thanks for singing along and helping me with the choruses!


After the show I was able to spend some time talking, taking pics and getting to know the good people of Athens who so kindly show their support. It always impresses me to see the dedication that Alice Cooper fans have for ‘ol Black Eyes…which in turn gives me some ‘trickle-down economics’ street cred when I come  here to perform.

 Photos from Ryan Roxie's Athens Adventure in March 2019

I was also able to hang with my former Hollywood roommates Weeds & Johnnie Holiday from band Star Star which subsequently allowed me to become friends with Weeds and Jo Jo’s ‘animal farm’ that included K.K. (the dog), Tipton (fluffy cat), GiGi (black cat), Punky (white cat) and Wendy (deaf cat). As you might tell, they all have names of famous rockers :)

 Photos from Ryan Roxie's Athens Adventure in March 2019
 Photos from Ryan Roxie's Athens Adventure in March 2019



On the plane ride back I took in the movie about the studio musicians of Hollywood that has shaped the way we listen to music as well as dominating our record collections. The movie is entitled  ‘The wrecking crew’…now I know that most of you might have heard about it already, BUT if you haven’t seen this yet…I DECREE IT A ‘MUST SEE’ for the #ROXIEGUITARARMY ;) ;) ;) 

Seriously though, THIS movie is so inspiring even if you don’t play guitar…but then I must ask, ‘Why aren’t you playing guitar yet?’  If you haven’t checked out my last Blog about a practice schedule, then you have a quick homework assignment. Watch ‘The Wrecking Crew’ while you work on your motor skills… Don’t understand what I mean? Then definitely  go and check out the last blog. ;)



Just wanted to extend a sincere thanks to Kostas (one of those AC die-hards I was telling you about that I’ve known for years) who organized me coming out there as well as all the members of Snakebite who really stepped up and made it such a memorable night.

 Photos from Ryan Roxie's Athens Adventure in March 2019

All in all, a great way to spend a few days in the Sun before heading back to the North….where I just read has snow in the forecast for next week!~….oh well, summer’s just around the corner and you know what that means....MORE BLOGS!....really? ;) 

Enjoy the Ride,