BANDIT ROCK AWARDS 2019 - extended

What a whirlwind week it was....Thank you to Robby Miller for flying all the way from the USA to play guitar and be a part of these shows and events as well as HUGE thanks to our 'home-grown' rhythm section of Kristoffer Folin (Drums) and Peter Kjellin (Bass).

The week started off with bang at the Bandit Radio studios. a special on-air performance of not 1, but 2 Roxie songs 'Me Generation' and 'To Live & Die in L.A.' were recorded for YOUR listening (and viewing) pleasure.


Then we hit the ground running on Friday starting off rehearsing at Purple Skull Studios (the same studio that a majority of 'Imagine Your Reality' was recorded and produced by Kristoffer)....then not 1, but 2 (again) live shows....the first being an acoustic performance at my old friend's Bjorn's Oyster Baren restaurant that specializes in Champagne, Oysters, and of course David fact, one of the requirements is that Bjorn comes up and jams a Bowie song at least ONCE per evening....well, low and behold THIS DID HAPPEN ;) 

After the Oyster Bar we headed to our 2nd show of the evening, one of Stockholm's best known rock clubs 'Harry B. James'.  There we ran through the 'mini-set' just to make sure there wouldn't be any major train wrecks the following night....happy to say, mission accomplished!

Show day at the Bandit Rock Awards!…..One of the only true 'rock radio stations' Sweden has to offer is Bandit Radio. They play a good mix of current rock as well as some of the classics. They have been very supportive of the solo album , so when I was asked to be a part of their yearly awards it was a no-brainer.

We joined Swedish Sleeze-rockers Crash Diet, hard-core band Millenicone, and rock-n-roll legends Backyard Babies for rock sets in-between  award announcements…Winners included swedish rockers Ghost as well as song of the year going to Hardcore Superstar….. after the awards Denmark’s D.A.D. came on for a full set…VERY inspiring guitar-driven rock!   Check out the basses he uses in the band….  Both Dregen (guitarist for the Backyard Babies) and I couldn’t over just how good the guitar tone was of D.A.D.’s guitarist.

All in all, a night to remember!…

Here’s a shot with the Lead Singer Pelle Almqvist of the Swedish band ‘ The Hives ’.

Here’s a shot with the Lead Singer Pelle Almqvist of the Swedish band ‘The Hives’.