Paso Robles with the Sunset Winos

Here are a few memories of the epic show at Rava Wines. We have gathered a bunch of cool photos & videos from a very cool night.

Thanks again go out to Chad and Lauren Rava…check out their top shelf winery next time you find yourself in Paso Robles.

On behalf of the Sunset Winos who include - Stefan Adika (bass), Eric Dover (lead vocals, guitar and all around superstar!), Jimmy DeGrasso (drums), Teddy Zig-Zag Andreadis (keyboards), and yours truly,ME-Roxie :) (guitar,vocals). Along with some very special guests- Slim Jim Phantom of the Stray Cats (drums) and Johnny G. from Slash’s Snakepit.


The Sunset Winos


Eric Dover

Lead Vocals / Guitar


Ryan Roxie

Guitar / Vocals


Stefan Adika

Bass Guitar / Vocals


Teddy Zig-Zag

Keyboards / Vocals


Slim Jim Phantom

Drums / Vocals

Jimmy DeGrasso

Drums / Percussion

Thanks to Amber Adika for making these videos. If you have any videos that you’d like me to share, please feel free to email them to me.