He’s a key player in the Alice Cooper band and has enjoyed storied stints with Casablanca and Slash’s Snakepit. With new solo record Imagine Your Realityout this week, Cristina Massei caught up with one of the 21stcentury’s true guitar heroes – the redoubtable Ryan Roxie.

HRH Mag: There have been a few documentaries recently about sidemen but how do you think you transcended being a side guy to become a member of Alice Cooper’s band?

Ryan Roxie: I have never felt like a hired gun or a sideman, mainly because Alice has a family approach to the band. In fact we do have his actual family on the road! For many years his daughter was in the show and for the last five years his wife has been in the show. It’s a family-themed touring lifestyle, and it’s a special thing. I become a band member through experience and time but I do work for Alice Cooper. It’s his name on the marquee and the band all respect that. We know our roles and we play them very well. It was an exciting step for me to co-write with Alice as I grew up listening to the classic songs he had written. The first time we ever wrote a song together it didn’t feel strange like I imagined it might. I thought perhaps I would psyche myself out wondering if it was good enough but it felt really natural. And a few days later we wrote another song for the Eyes Of Alice Cooper album.

HRH Mag: What was the process of joining the band like?

RR: I remember it very clearly. Alice was there at the audition which I thought was….


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