The Roxie-Vault is a collection of never before released music, rough cuts,
and alternate versions of previously released songs. These precious gems and demo tracks are only available here.


Me Generation

This is one of the earliest ‘demo’ versions of Me Generation. It was recorded on Garageband with a very basic drum pattern (why can’t more drummers play this simple…ha!) Enjoy this version, but then listen to the ‘finished’ version below and experience the evolution of how a song goes from basic idea to final mix. I especially like the monotone ‘Solo’ before I knew just what the hell I was going to play.

The ‘inspiration’ of Gustav Kronfelt’s cover art shown side by side

The ‘inspiration’ of Gustav Kronfelt’s cover art shown side by side

To Live and Die in L.a.

The infamous ‘demo’ version of TLADILA. Can’t get more Garage Rock (or Garageband) than this! The original ‘riff’ for this song came to me in the early 2000’s…it just took awhile to put all the pieces together and make it the final version that you hear below. The demo version still has a certain ‘fire’ to it that I enjoy listening to…hopefully you will too!…also, notice the lyric changes as usually that is the case when a song starts out as an ‘idea’ and graduates to a full flegded album release.